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What is amber


what is amber

Amber is a very popular and valuable gem. In Europe, amber was used to decorate the palace and the house, becoming a symbol of identity. In ancient China, amber was also an accessories often worn by aristocrats. Go ahead, get more information about what is amber and the story of amber.

The amber in Greek mythology

In Greece, there is a touching family story about amber. In the Greek and Roman mythology, the son of Apollo, the god of the sun, when he was a child, he often saw his father`s heroic attitude in the sun carriage. So he was very yearning for driving the carriage. One day, Payette finally asked his father to let him try to drive the sun-drawn carriage. Apollo agreed. At first, everything went very smoothly. Unexpectedly, Payette`s driving skills were not yet mature, and he was too proud of it. Just as he was about to reach the highest point in the sun-drawn carriage, Tianma suddenly lost control. The carriage carrying the hot sun deviated from the track and rushed to the ground, causing A huge disaster. In order to save everything, the omnipotent god Zeus had to hit the carriage and Payette into the water with lightning strikes. Payette's sister, Heli Ades, was extremely saddened by the misfortunes of Payette, and soon became a poplar on the bank of the river because she could not stand this heavy blow. She shed tears of sadness, and when the tears solidified, they turned into translucent amber. The sad tears of Heli Ades and the "Mermaid Princess" condensed into amber, which shows that the ancients also realized that amber was originally composed of liquid.

The amber in the East

In the East, Amber is said to be the tears of the tiger. In ancient China, amber is favored by people. The ancient Chinese believed that amber was a jewel that was shed by the tiger's tears or by the eyes of the tiger before his death. It can bring happiness, peace and health, and drive away bad luck, spells and misfortunes. In the East, people believe that the aroma of amber fragrance can enhance the soul and bring him strength and courage.

Where does amber come from?

Amber has a large number of origins, mainly in the Baltic countries, Caribbean countries and Myanmar. It is also produced in Romania, the United States, Myanmar, Canada, India, Vietnam, New Zealand and other countries. China's amber is mainly produced in Fushun, Liaoning, Xixia, Henan, etc.

China Fushun`s amber

Fushun is the only place where insect amber is produced in China. Fushun Amber is a unique mineral resource in Fushun West Open-pit Coal Mine. It is rich in variety, tough in texture, bright in color and rare in production. It is mainly used for making carving crafts and Fashion Jewelry. China Fushun amber is mostly transparent, orange or red. Insect-containing amber can be collected near Fushun, Liaoning Province. Aged between 35 and 57 million years.

Myanmar amber

Myanmar amber is produced in the swamps of the northern border of Myanmar and India. Myanmar amber is full of magical colors, formed about 35 million years ago. Myanmar amber is the hardest amber in the world, about 2.5-3 Mohs, which is best for engraving. Myanmar amber is also the world's most brilliant amber, showing dark red, cherry red, violet, and water blue in different light.

Baltic amber

The Baltic amber is highly transparent, so it is easy to observe and contains a lot of wrap. Their age is about 30 million to 60 million years, from the early Eocene to the late Oligocene. Many of them are located in the Blue Earth that extends into the Baltic Sea, lower than the water table. After the storm, amber was caught in the sea and rushed to the shore. Due to the local geological conditions and climate, the Baltic amber is brightly colored and rich in color. It is mainly yellow, with good transparency and fine texture.

Mexican amber

Mexican amber is produced in Chiapas, and their colors are mostly yellow and light brown, as well as green, dark red, red and blue. Their age is about 2-3 million years. Its rich color comes from nature and is a good choice for jewelry making.

In recent years, the price of amber has risen steadily. The price of amber is not necessarily related to the origin. Consumers do not have to place too much emphasis on the place of production when purchasing. They should value the quality of amber itself and rationally choose the amber jewelry, amber bracelet or amber necklace that they really like.

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