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How To Pick Pears


In recent years, the pearl has been loved by people for its graceful shape and plain appearance. It is not as dazzling as a gem, but it adds grace and temperament to people with its implicit characteristics. Pearls symbolize health, elegance and purity. People like to wear some pearl jewelry to show their temperament.. However, there are many kinds of pearls on the market. How to pick pearls? Only by learning some skills can you pick the right pearl. Today, I will teach you a few tips for choosing pearls.

1. Color of Pearl

Color of Pearl

When we choose pearl jewelry, the first thing we observe is the color and shape of the pearl. Therefore, we should know how many colors and shapes the pearl has. Only when we fully understand it can we choose a satisfactory pearl.

There are many colors of pearls, which are mainly divided into white, red, yellow, black and other five series. Generally, white is the most popular, pure and elegant, black is mysterious and noble, pink is pure and romantic, and golden is graceful.

As far as the nature of pearls is concerned, pearls with rich and uniform colors are of high value. Pink, black, silver series is the most expensive. White is more common, yellow and brown are cheaper.

In addition to the natural color, the halo color of the pearl is also very important. If you choose the pearl for collection, you can choose black with green halo, pink with rose color, white with rose color halo. One more thing, golden pearls are rare in yield and have a certain collection value.

2. Shape of Pearl

Pearls have abundant shapes, such as regular circle, circle, near circle, ellipse, oblate circle, special shape, etc. The percentage of the difference between the longest diameter and the shortest diameter of pearls is less than 1% as regular circle, 1% to 5% as circle, 5% to 10% as near circle.

The more round pearls are, the higher their value is. However, since the pearl formed by the natural environment is affected by many uncontrollable factors, very few pearls are in good shape. Therefore, symmetrical drop-shaped, oval, gourd-shaped pearls are very rare. Although the value of special-shaped pearls is not high, after the designer's unique production, the value will double.

In general, when we choose pearl jewelry, we can choose the shape of the pearl according to our own preferences. However, if it is to buy Pearls for collection, it is suggested to choose round pearls, which have high collection value.

3. Luster of Pearl

Luster of Pearl

Luster is the soul of pearls. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and reflect when light shines on the surface of the Pearl layer. Pearl luster is generally divided into four grades: extremely strong, strong, neutral and weak, which are classified according to the reflective ability of the surface light. High-grade pearls reflect rich and changeable light, changing different angles, you can see fine, changeable halo.

4. Flaws of Pearl

Because pearls are cultivated from mussel shells, the surface of pearls is not so smooth. There are usually threads, spots, marks and pits on the surface of pearls. Flaws of pearl are classified according to the number of flaws and the extent to which they affect the appearance of pearls. Usually when we choose pearl jewelry, we can observe it from 0.5 meters away. If we can't see the flaws, we can buy it. However, if you buy it for collection, you can use a microscope to observe it. Pearls without flaws are the most collectible.

5. Size of Pearl

Size of Pearl

Pearls belong to noble jewelry and the price is expensive. Besides the color and shape, luster and flaws, we should pay more attention to the size of pearls when selecting. The size of pearls is mainly expressed by their diameters. The sizes of regular, circular and near-circular pearls are expressed by their minimum diameters, while those of other shapes are expressed by their maximum diameters multiplied by their minimum diameters.

Pearls under 6 mm are seldom used to make jewelry. Generally, jewelry pearls are 7-9 mm, 10 mm is rare, and 11 mm and larger are even rarer. Under the same quality, the bigger pearl is, the higher value is.

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