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Chakra bracelet meaning


chakra bracelet meaning

The ancient Indian yoga theory states that the human body is divided into seven energy centers called chakra: crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, root chakra. These chakra are located in front of the spine in the body, arranged in order from top to bottom, and the 7 chakra are connected in a line.

In some written records, the human body is considered to be a illuminator. The seven chakra emit seven colors of light in series, which circulate with the energy of mountain, river, universe, to form a luminous energy field. When these energy fields are out of balance, the organs will develop lesions and psychologically negative energy will appear. The energy of these chakra corresponds to the related chakra gemstone bead. Therefore, people think that chakra gemstone also has a small help to its corresponding chakra organs. 7 chakra bracelet is made from these 7 chakra gemstone bead.

How chakra bracelet works?

1.The root chakra represents vitality and vitality

Balanced: energetic, positive to the goal, will be put into action to achieve the goal. Even in the face of adversity, maintain a passion for life, and feel safe and feel happy in the heart.

Unbalanced: The most obvious is the discomfort on the organ where the chakra is located, such as feeling cold on hands and feet, seeking sensory satisfaction at all costs, thinking of survival and entertainment as the goal of life's first pursuit.

The root chakra bead is red agate. It can help people relieve mental stress, accelerate blood circulation, help calm mental tension and anxiety, and enhance self-confidence and mobility.

2.The sacral chakra represents optimism, self-confidence, courage, creativity.

Balanced: strong personal social skills, optimistic and friendly in the face of problems, creative and passionate about adventure.

Unbalanced: Resist the unfamiliar environment and characters, be sensitive to people close to you, and be inexplicably angry and frustrated. Cynical and no mental to work.

The sacral chakra bead is amber resin bead. It can help the emotional mood to be gentle, open your heart and accept your feelings. Strengthen liver and stomach and digestive organs, promote blood circulation and endocrine.

3.The solar plexus chakra represents reason, self-esteem, morality.

Balanced: There is enough energy to support all activities, to achieve personal power to change society. It is the ability to turn dreams into reality and turn dreams into real wealth.

Unbalanced: The important organs of this chakra are the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and liver, which are the places where energy is stored in the body. When negative energy manifests itself, it will self-expansion, control desire, powerlessness to things, lack of self-confidence, and low self-esteem.

The solar plexus chakra bead is tiger eye stone. It is good for digestive organs such as the intestines and stomach. For those who lack opinion, they also have the ability to strengthen their decision-making power and increase their courage. It can also dispel some unpleasant negative emotions and turn them into positive attitudes of optimism and progress.

4.The heart chakra represents compassion, compassion, dedication, trust.

Balanced: Have the ability to treat yourself or others. The greatest power displayed by this chakra is forgiveness and selfless love.

Unbalanced: When this chakra is blocked, it is impossible to establish a close relationship with people, enjoy the fun of sharing, and unconsciously create distances when dealing with people to protect themselves, being hated or hate others. This chakra shows the popularity of interpersonal relationships and is the chakra of interpersonal relationships.

The heart chakra bead is imperial stone. It can awaken people's needs for love in their hearts, and they are willing to pay, gaining happiness and happiness, and improving communication and self-balancing ability for those who are not good at communication or bad relationships.

5.The throat chakra represents communication, leadership.

Balanced: Express yourself in front of everyone, face yourself truly, be brave in expressing your inner feelings, and have good communication skills.

Unbalanced: shows a spiritual experience that is out of control, maliciously vilifying, criticizing others, fearing expression and lying to others.

The throat chakra bead is blue turquoise. It can increase the ability of self-expression and communication. When you work and get along with others, it is easier to get everyone's conviction, easy to lead, manage people and things, and consolidate your leadership position. It makes people's mind clear and emotionally stable, especially strengthens the ability to predict and communicate.

6.The third eye chakra represents intuition, inspiration.

Balanced: Lifting our consciousness from the material level to the spiritual level, no longer tied to the thoughts and feelings of the past, increase sensitivity to energy, give us a sense of self-realization from a higher level of consciousness.

Unbalanced: Feel the arrogance of the mind, superiority, desire for power, attachment, seizure, control or use of the ability to enslave others to satisfy their own lusts. There are symptoms of depression, autism, denial, and stress.

The third eye chakra bead is lapis lazuli stone. It can stabilize the spirit and coordinate the spirituality. Make people more flexible and confident, calm and organized, improve spirituality. Helps to calm the mood and also to avoid evil.

7.The crown chakra represents spirituality, thought.

Balanced: quick thinking and make correct judgments. Have the right direction for life planning, understand your goals and implement a well-planned plan.

Unbalanced: insensitive to life, have no enthusiasm, and have no fun in life. It is easy to feel nervous when facing people, and cannot make a decision.

The crown chakra bead is amethyst stone. It has the function of enhancing the balance of mind and body, inspiring the wisdom, avoiding the mediocrity, and avoiding unnecessary troubles. For complex and unfriendly interpersonal relationships and environments, you can calmly coordinate the surrounding entanglements. For complex and unfriendly interpersonal relationships and environments, you can calmly coordinate the surrounding entanglements.

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